WoW Cataclysm - Tol Barad Zone Overview


Tol Barad is a world PvP zone in the popular game World of Warcraft, similar to the well-known Wintergrasp. This dynamic and competitive area offers an exciting experience for players of both factions. At regular intervals, intense battles break out where players must fight for control of the zone. The victor of these contests gains exclusive access to the Baradin Hold raid, where powerful bosses and valuable rewards await.

In addition to the raid, the winning side receives several additional daily quests that grant valuable benefits such as reputation, gold, and a special currency that can be used to purchase gear and other important items. However, regardless of the battle's outcome, both factions can access the standard quests available in the zone, ensuring that all players can benefit from their time in Tol Barad.

This blend of strategic combat and enticing rewards makes Tol Barad a must-visit zone for any player seeking challenges and opportunities in the vast world of Azeroth.

WoW Cataclysm - Tol Barad Zone Overview

How to Get to Tol Barad & Baradin Hold

Tol Barad, like other zones, features a portal for quick travel from your faction's major city. To access these portals, players must be level 85. Being familiar with Tol Barad Peninsula will help, as you can reach Tol Barad by heading to the south bridge.

Level 85 Mages have the added benefit of teleportation spells and can create portals for other max-level party members, facilitating easier access for groups.

Additionally, players can acquire the Tol Barad reputation tabard Baradin's Wardens Tabard for the Alliance and Hellscream's Reach Tabard for the Horde. Using these tabards allows players to teleport to their faction's base in Tol Barad Peninsula, providing quicker access to Tol Barad itself.

Once you arrive in Tol Barad, you can travel on the ground to a basement located at coordinates 46,47 to find the gate to the Baradin Hold instance. The battle for Tol Barad lasts 30 minutes, followed by a 120-minute cooldown period. Victory is achieved by capturing all three buildings simultaneously.

By utilizing portals, mage teleports, and reputation tabards, players can efficiently reach Tol Barad and engage in the epic battles and rewards it offers.


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1. Between Battles: When battles are not taking place, players can engage in various activities such as skinning, herbing, mining, completing daily quests, or running the Baradin Hold raid to obtain PvE and PvP gear.

2. World PvP: The PvP action in Tol Barad is abundant. Players can engage in frequent world PvP skirmishes, offering an exciting and competitive environment. More details on PvP strategies and tips will be covered further down in the guide.

3. Rare NPCs: Tol Barad is home to several rare NPCs, each offering unique rewards. Information about these rare NPCs and their locations will be detailed later in the guide.

4. Baradin Hold: If your faction controls Tol Barad, you gain access to the Baradin Hold raid, which can be completed once per week. This raid features three bosses and is an excellent source of both PvE and PvP gear, making it a valuable activity for players seeking to enhance their equipment.

5. Daily Quests: Tol Barad is a vast zone filled with rewarding daily quests. These quests provide reputation, gold, and Tol Barad Commendations. Commendations can be exchanged at your faction's Tol Barad Quartermaster for a variety of items, including trinkets, pets, and mounts. Engaging in daily quests is a great way to earn rewards and enhance your character's abilities and inventory.


1. Baradin's Wardens: Baradin's Wardens is a faction of jailers whose original mission was to maintain the Tol Barad prison facilities and keep the Tol Barad Peninsula peaceful. However, with the Cataclysm, their mission has shifted. They now battle not only rebelling prisoners but also Garrosh's Horde forces. If the Horde were to gain control of the island, it would provide them with a major strategic advantage.

The Wardens have a small camp on the rocky eastern coast of the Peninsula known as Baradin Base Camp. Here, the Wardens' elite members work alongside the champions of the Alliance to establish a foothold in the area. They face numerous threats, including undead, ghosts, giant spiders, bandits, smugglers, undead pirates, and Hellscream's Reach Garrosh's personal assault force.

2. Hellscream's Reach: Hellscream's Reach is Garrosh Hellscream's elite assault group, tasked with the mission to conquer the heavily contested Tol Barad Peninsula and the prison facilities within Tol Barad. They maintain a small camp on the rocky southern coast of the Peninsula called Hellscream's Grasp. 

Here, Garrosh's best orcs collaborate with the champions of the Horde to secure their position in the area. Like their Alliance counterparts, they contend with numerous adversaries, including undead, ghosts, giant spiders, bandits, smugglers, undead pirates, and the Baradin Wardens of the Alliance.