WoW Cataclysm - Valor Points Overview


Valor Points are a primary PvE currency in Cataclysm Classic, alongside Justice Points. They are acquired through various activities, primarily by completing random Heroic Cataclysm dungeons and defeating bosses in the latest Cataclysm raids. In the hierarchy of currencies, Valor Points hold a higher value compared to Justice Points and are exclusively used for purchasing Epic-quality gear.

Players can accumulate Valor Points by engaging in random Heroic dungeons and participating in raids, with greater amounts awarded for tackling the most recent content. These points can then be exchanged for iLevel 359 Epic gear, which is on par with drops from Normal-mode raid encounters.

With the release of subsequent raid phases, the number of Valor Points obtained from earlier raids will diminish, while the quality of Epic gear available for purchase with Valor Points will increase, reflecting the evolving progression of the game.

The maximum amount of Valor Points a player can earn per week is capped at 1,600. While there is no limit to the total number of Valor Points a player can possess, there is a weekly restriction on the amount that can be obtained.


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Valor Point Conversion

Valor Points cannot be carried over between phases in Cataclysm Classic. Upon the transition to a new phase, any remaining Valor Points will be automatically converted into Justice Points. It's essential for players to spend their Valor Points before the phase change if they wish to avoid this conversion.

Epic Gear Vendors

Valor Points can be exchanged for iLvl 359 Epic gear from specific vendors:

- Faldren Tillsdale in Old Town, Stormwind City (/way 79.2 69.4)

Faldren Tillsdale in Old Town, Stormwind City

- Jamus'Vaz in Valley of Strength, Orgrimmar (/way 48.6 71.4)

Jamus'Vaz in Valley of Strength, Orgrimmar

These vendors offer three pieces from the five-piece Tier 11 Epic class sets: Chest, Hands, and Legs. However, Helms and Shoulders are not available for purchase from Valor vendors.