WoW Cataclysm - Vashj'ir Zone Overview


Vashj'ir is one of the two starting zones in the Cataclysm expansion of World of Warcraft, alongside Mount Hyjal. As the first fully underwater zone in the game, Vashj'ir introduces a host of new mechanics and features that enhance the underwater gameplay experience. Players will enjoy aquatic mounts, unlimited underwater breathing, and various tools designed to combat the rising Naga threat.

Upon entering Vashj'ir for the first time, players find themselves under attack by a group of Naga ambushers, led by the fearsome kraken Ozumat. The zone's storyline takes players on an epic journey through the expansive underwater realm, where they must confront the Naga forces seeking to usurp the power of the Elemental Lord of Water, Neptulon. As players progress, they will uncover a rich and immersive narrative, filled with unique challenges and thrilling battles.

Vashj'ir not only offers a visually stunning experience with its underwater landscapes but also introduces new gameplay dynamics that require players to adapt and employ novel strategies. Whether you are just starting your journey or have reached level 85, Vashj'ir promises an unforgettable adventure in the depths of Azeroth.

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How to Get to Vashj'ir

When entering Vashj'ir for the first time, players will have two different paths to the zone, depending on their faction:

- Alliance: After accepting the quest "A Personal Summons," players need to talk to Naraat the Earthspeaker, located near the Cataclysm zone portals in Stormwind.

- Horde: After accepting the quest "A Personal Summons," players need to talk to Farseer Krogar, located near the Cataclysm zone portals in Orgrimmar.

Both quests will start the chain that leads players to Vashj'ir via the "Call of Duty" quest, which takes them on a boat to the zone.

If you are returning to Vashj'ir, players can use the portal found in either Stormwind City or Orgrimmar, depending on their faction.

To level and quest in Vashj'ir, players must be at least Level 78.

Note: At launch, players can use the Vashj'ir portal in their faction capital (Stormwind or Orgrimmar) without completing the normally required quests. This measure is to avoid congestion and connection issues during periods of high activity. It is currently unclear how long this will last.


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"The Throne of the Tides" plunges adventurers into the heart of the Abyssal Maw beneath Vashj'ir's depths. Infested with Naga and N'raqi, remnants of the Old Gods' corruption, this submerged dungeon offers a harrowing challenge. As explorers navigate its winding corridors, they confront deranged monstrosities and dark horrors lurking beneath the waves. This aquatic stronghold serves as a testament to the Naga's relentless pursuit of power and the depths of their depravity. Only the bravest heroes dare to venture into these treacherous waters, where danger lurks around every corner and the fate of Azeroth hangs in the balance.



In Vashj'ir, the primary reputation faction is The Earthen Ring, dedicated to preserving Azeroth's balance and countering the Elemental Lords' growing influence. Their efforts extend across Vashj'ir, Deepholm, and the Twilight Highlands, where they marshal forces to confront the elemental threats. As allies of the Earthen Ring, players aid in their missions, earning trust and unlocking valuable rewards. Through quests and deeds, adventurers strengthen their bonds with this noble faction, forging alliances crucial to Azeroth's survival.