WoW Dragonflight - Assault of the Zaqali Boss Guide

In the shadowed depths of the Crucible, a storm brews. Warlord Kagni, commanding the ferocious Zaqali warband, spearheads an audacious assault against the fortress's formidable defenses. Their objective: to reclaim their missing Elder, Rashok. With relentless determination, Kagni spares no expense in employing ruthless tactics to ensure success.

The Zaqali, known for their brutality and unwavering resolve, descend upon the Crucible like a relentless tide. Their numbers swell, fueled by a fervent desire to rescue their revered leader. Kagni, a figure of fear and reverence among his warriors, leads from the front, his presence igniting a fervor unmatched in battle.

As the clash between the Zaqali and the defenders of the Crucible intensifies, the air crackles with anticipation and dread. The outcome of this confrontation will reverberate far beyond the confines of the battlefield. For Kagni and his warband, failure is not an option. Their determination, tempered by centuries of struggle, drives them ever forward, ready to face whatever challenges stand in their path.

In the crucible of conflict, alliances will be tested, and destinies will be forged. Will the Zaqali emerge victorious, reclaiming their Elder and securing their place in history? Only time will tell as the shadows of war envelop the land, heralding the coming storm of the Assault of the Zaqali.

Assault of the Zaqali Abilities

Barrier Backfire Barrier Backfire: The Elder's Door is protected by a runic barrier that backfires when attacked by Zaqali forces, inflicting 103,356 Shadowflame damage to all players and an additional 23,614 Shadowflame damage every 0.5 sec for 2 min. This effect stacks.

Renewed Hatchling

- Blazing Focus Blazing Focus: Fixates on a player, pulsing with flame and inflicting 17,711 Fire damage to players within 12 yards every 2 sec.

- From the Ashes: On death, leaves behind an Ignited Plume, reviving after 10 sec.

Stage One

Warlord Kagni
Warlord Kagni

- Devastating Leap Devastating Leap: Leaps between battlements, slamming his hammer and inflicting 118,072 Volcanic damage to players within 12 yards, knocking them away, and causing Molten fissures.

- Heavy Cudgel Heavy Cudgel: Slams his cudgel, inflicting 295,180 Physical damage in a frontal cone, increasing Physical damage taken by 15% for 45 sec, and causing Cave Rubble to fall.

- Cave Rubble Cave Rubble: Falls from the ceiling, inflicting 236,144 Physical damage within 6 yards.

Magma Mystic
Magma Mystic

- Molten Barrier Molten Barrier: Absorbs damage and pulses with flame, inflicting Fire damage every 4 sec and granting Molten Empowerment.

- Magma Flow Magma Flow: Hurls lava, inflicting Lava damage on impact and additional Lava damage over time.

-  Lava Bolt Lava Bolt: Fires a searing bolt of lava, inflicting Volcanic damage.

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Flamebound Huntsman
Flamebound HFlamebound Huntsmanuntsman - NPC - World of Warcraft

- Blazing Spear Blazing Spear: Heaves a spear, inflicting Physical damage and exploding after a duration, inflicting Fire damage.

Obsidian Guard
Obsidian Guard

- Scorching Roar Scorching Roar: Unleashes a burning roar, inflicting Fire damage over time.

Zaqali Wallclimber
Trepamuros zaqali - PNJ - World of Warcraft

- Ascends walls and breaches the sealed door. Melee attacks cause Barrier Backfire.

- fuego de arbalesta Arbalest Fire Fires bolts, inflicting Physical damage.

Stage Two: Warlord's Will

Warlord Kagni

- Catastrophic Slam: Catastrophic Slam: Sends a shockwave toward the Elder's Door, inflicting Physical damage. Increases Physical damage taken and triggers Barrier Backfire.

- Flaming Cudgel Flaming Cudgel: Slams cudgel, increasing Physical damage taken, and inflicts Fire damage.

- Desperate Immolation Desperate Immolation: Drains life, regaining health and periodically inflicting Fire damage.

Tips and Strategy

As the battle ensues, Warlord Kagni commands his Zaqali warband to storm the two protruding battlements. Periodically, Kagni launches himself onto the opposing battlement using Devastating Leap and triggers falling Cave Rubble with Heavy Cudgel. When Kagni's health dwindles to 25%, he launches a final desperate assault on the Elder's Door with Catastrophic Slams.


- Manage Warlord Kagni's movements during Devastating Leap.

- Mitigate the massive Physical damage from Heavy Cudgel.

- Handle Zaqali forces triggering Barrier Backfire at the Elder's Door.

Damage Dealers

- Assist in controlling Warlord Kagni's movements during Devastating Leap.

- Handle falling Cave Rubble caused by Heavy Cudgel.

- Disrupt Magma Mystics' Molten Barrier to prevent Molten Empowerment.


- Prepare for incoming damage from falling Cave Rubble.

- Counter the damage inflicted by Obsidian Guards' Scorching Roar on each battlement.

- Be ready to heal through the massive damage dealt by Warlord Kagni's Catastrophic Slam.