WoW Dragonflight - Aurostor Boss Guide

Aurostor adheres to a disciplined routine of slumber, his rest as vital as the very breath of life. However, the tranquility of his sleep has been violently disrupted by Fyrrakk's brazen assault on the Emerald Dream. Stirred from his deep hibernation prematurely, Aurostor emerges into wakefulness with a fierce disorientation. 

In this sleep-deprived state, the normally serene Furbolg Wild God becomes a force of unbridled fury, lashing out at any who cross his path. His once gentle demeanor now twisted by exhaustion, he rampages through the forests, his mighty roars echoing through the ancient groves. Desperate to regain the solace of his slumber, Aurostor unwittingly becomes a menace to all who dwell within his domain, his actions driven by a primal instinct to exhaust himself until he can once again find the peace of sleep.

WoW Dragonflight - Aurostor Boss Guide

Aurostor, The Hibernator Abilities

1. Groggy Bash Groggy Bash: Aurostor swings his massive limbs, knocking aside his current target with a lethargic yet powerful blow. This attack inflicts 80 Physical damage and sends the unfortunate victim soaring through the air.

2. Pulverizing Outburst Pulverizing Outburst: Aurostor charges towards a player's location with a sluggish determination, unleashing a chaotic barrage of blows upon anyone within 15 yards. Each strike inflicts 80 Nature damage and sends jagged shards of earth, known as Ruptured Earth, hurtling towards nearby players.

- Ruptured Earth Ruptured Earth: Shards of earth erupt from the ground in a chaotic frenzy, dealing 25 Nature damage to any players within a 4-yard radius of their impact.

4. Cranky Tantrum Cranky Tantrum: Aurostor's frustration reaches a boiling point as he begins to throw a tantrum, sundering the ground beneath him and sending lines of fractured earth towards his targets' location. This attack inflicts 55 Physical damage to all players hit within 5 yards of the impact zone.

5. Slumberous Roar Slumberous Roar: Aurostor lets loose a mighty roar, unleashing a wave of drowsy energy that washes over his enemies. This roar inflicts 35 Nature damage to all foes caught within its radius. Additionally, affected players receive 3 stacks of Slumberous Roar, causing them to become progressively sluggish as they are slowed by 25% per stack for 14 seconds. Jumping removes a stack of Slumberous Roar.

- Vulnerable Slumber Vulnerable Slumber: Aurostor's mastery over the realm of sleep extends even to his adversaries. He can induce a state of vulnerable slumber upon a target, causing them to become drowsy and disoriented. While in this state, the target's vulnerability is heightened, leading to a doubling of damage taken. However, any incoming damage will rouse the target from their vulnerable slumber, ending the effect.

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Tips and Strategy

Aurostor, in his sleep-deprived rage, charges through the battlefield, unleashing devastating attacks on unsuspecting players. He utilizes his immense strength to knock players aside with Groggy Bash and sends shards of earth flying with Pulverizing Outburst and Cranky Tantrum. When his energy reaches its breaking point, Aurostor releases a deafening Slumberous Roar, spreading his insomnia-induced agony to all nearby players.


- Cranky Tantrum unleashes three consecutive lines of fractured earth from Aurostor, dealing significant Physical damage. Be prepared to heal through the onslaught.

- Players affected by Slumberous Roar will fall into a state of Vulnerable Slumber, increasing the damage they take. Keep an eye on affected players and be ready to mitigate the increased damage.

- Pulverizing Outburst scatters Ruptured Earth throughout the area, posing a constant threat to the raid. Stay vigilant and ensure the party remains topped off.


- Groggy Bash delivers a powerful blow, inflicting heavy Physical damage and sending the target flying away from Aurostor. Be prepared to quickly regain aggro and position the boss accordingly.

- Pulverizing Outburst sends shards of Ruptured Earth across the battlefield, requiring tank mobility and positioning to mitigate damage and maintain control of the encounter.

Damage Dealers:

- Cranky Tantrum launches three successive lines of fractured earth from Aurostor, dealing substantial Physical damage. Use defensive abilities or positioning to minimize damage taken.

- Players affected by Slumberous Roar will enter a Vulnerable Slumber, amplifying the damage they receive. Exercise caution and coordinate with healers to survive the increased damage.

- Pulverizing Outburst scatters Ruptured Earth throughout the area, posing a constant threat. Prioritize avoiding these hazards while maintaining consistent damage on Aurostor.