WoW Dragonflight - Bazual Boss Guide

In the vast expanse of the Azure Span, a figure looms, its presence casting a sinister shadow across the land. Known as Bazual, this entity wields a power unlike any other, drawing upon a connection that sears the very fabric of existence the Plane of Fire. Bazual's origins are shrouded in mystery, but tales whisper of a being who once walked among mortals, until a fateful encounter unlocked the dormant fire within. From that moment forth, Bazual became a conduit, channeling the raw energy of the Firelands itself.

But Bazual's ambitions extend beyond mere mastery; they seek dominion. With a legion of Primalist forces at their command, Bazual sets their sights on the Azure Span, a realm ripe for conquest. Through dark rituals and arcane rites, portals to the Firelands are torn open, unleashing a torrent of flame and fury upon the unsuspecting.

The consequences are dire, for where Bazual treads, destruction follows. Entire landscapes are scorched, reduced to ash in the wake of their infernal advance. The very air crackles with heat, and the ground trembles beneath the onslaught of primal fire. Yet, amidst the chaos, whispers of resistance stir. Heroes of valor and resolve rally against the tide of darkness, determined to stem the tide of Bazual's tyranny. For in the face of such malevolent power, hope remains—a beacon against the encroaching flames.

WoW Dragonflight - Bazual Boss Guide

Bazual, The Dreaded Flame Abilities

Phase One

1. Deterring Flame Deterring Flame: Bazual unleashes a fiery wave, engulfing all nearby players and dealing 35 Fire damage while forcefully knocking them back.

2. Magma Eruption Magma Eruption: Selecting up to 5 random players, Bazual hurls searing magma at them. Upon impact, it creates a pool of scorching fire that persists for 1 minute, inflicting 45 Fire damage every second to players within its radius.

3. Lava Breath Lava Breath: Bazual targets a player with a searing blast of lava, dealing 90 Fire damage to the primary target and spreading the damage to all players within a 0-yard cone.

Phase Two

1.  Flame Infusion Flame Infusion: Drawing upon the raw power of the Plane of Fire, Bazual empowers himself with Searing Heat Searing Heat, causing 5 Fire damage every 2 seconds to all players.

2. Rain of Destruction Rain of Destruction: Fuelled by the infernal energies, Bazual summons a relentless rain of fire upon up to 20 random players' positions every 2 seconds for a duration of 20 seconds. Each impact inflicts 30 Fire damage to players within 5 yards of the point of impact.

3. Magma Eruption Magma Eruption: Continuing his onslaught, Bazual selects up to 5 random players and launches searing magma at them, leaving behind pools of fire that deal 45 Fire damage per second to any players within their vicinity for 1 minute.

4. Lava Breath Lava Breath: Bazual maintains his devastating Lava Breath, targeting a player and unleashing a torrent of searing lava that deals 90 Fire damage to the primary target and spreads the damage to all players within a 0-yard cone.

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Tips and Strategy

Bazual, a formidable foe within the Azure Span, employs a combination of fiery abilities to incinerate any who oppose him. Adventurers must prepare for a relentless assault as they face off against this powerful entity.

Phase One:

Throughout the initial phase of the encounter, Bazual unleashes fiery attacks upon players, testing their resilience and coordination.

- Magma Eruption: Bazual targets random players with searing magma, leaving behind hazardous pools of molten magma upon impact. Players must navigate the battlefield carefully to avoid these pools of molten destruction.

- Energy Mechanic: As Bazual accumulates energy, signified by his energy bar reaching 100, he takes to the skies, preparing to unleash a devastating attack.

- Deterring Flame: Upon reaching 100 energy, Bazual unleashes a massive wave of flame, engulfing all players in its path. This attack not only deals significant fire damage but also forcefully knocks back all affected players.

Phase Two:

Upon reaching 40% of his health, Bazual's power intensifies as he taps into the primal flames of the Firelands, entering a new phase of the encounter.

- Flame Infusion: Empowered by the flames from the Firelands, Bazual infuses himself with searing heat, causing continuous fire damage to all players throughout this phase.

- Transition: With his newfound empowerment, Bazual alters his attack patterns, casting [Rain of Destruction] at 100 energy instead of [Deterring Flame].

- Rain of Destruction: Bazual summons a relentless shower of fiery destruction upon random player locations, forcing players to constantly adjust their positioning to avoid being engulfed by the flames.