WoW Dragonflight - Dathea Boss Guide

In the tumultuous world of titans and dragons, few names inspire as much fear and reverence as Dathea. Once a formidable warrior, her defeat in a crucial battle drove her to the brink of madness. Desperate and consumed by the desire for revenge, Dathea struck a dark bargain with Raszageth, a powerful entity known as the Incarnate. In exchange for her loyalty and servitude, Raszageth granted her a fraction of his colossal power.

Transformed by this arcane energy, Dathea rose to new heights, gaining control over the very wind. No longer just a warrior, she had become a force of nature, capable of unleashing storms and hurricanes with a mere gesture. The ferocity of the winds she commanded was as relentless as her thirst for vengeance, tearing through sky and earth alike to destroy those who dared to oppose her.

In her new form, Dathea, Ascended, seeks not only to reclaim her place among the most powerful but also to unleash the fury of the winds to exact her revenge and dominate all who once dared to challenge her.

Dathea, Ascended  Abilities

1. Coalescing Storm Coalescing Storm: harnesses primal energies to summon Volatile Infusers to her aid.

 Thunderbolt Thunderbolt: A thunderstorm lingers after Dathea's minions spawn, causing lightning to strike players for 4,407 Nature damage every 2 seconds. Each strike causes players to take 50% increased damage from Thunderbolt for 1.2 minutes. This effect stacks.

2. Raging Burst Raging Burst: Dathea fires off bolts of wind that upon impact inflict 44,094 Nature damage to all players within 6 yards and creates a Raging Tempest at their location.

Raging Tempest Raging Tempest: Inflicts 88,144 Nature damage to any player that touches the tempest and knocks them up into the air.

Raging Winds Raging Winds: Raging Tempests periodically emit built-up winds, inflicting 2,204 Nature damage to all players every 4 seconds.

3. Conductive Mark Conductive Mark: Dathea marks the player with lightning, inflicting 33,054 Nature damage on impact, 11,018 Nature damage every 1 second, and increasing Nature damage taken by 10% for 10 seconds. This effect stacks. Moving within 4 yards of other players will duplicate and refresh Conductive Mark.

4. Cyclone Cyclone: Dathea whips up a vortex at her location, pulling players towards her and inflicting 13,222 Nature damage every 1 second for 10 seconds. If a player is pulled into the vortex, they are knocked upwards.

5. Crosswinds Crosswinds: Dathea sends out a series of crosswinds, adjusting the location of every Raging Tempest. Upon arriving at their new location, each Tempest unleashes a burst of wind, inflicting 66,108 Nature damage to all players within 7 yards.

6. Zephyr Slam Zephyr Slam: Dathea slams her empowered fist into her current target with a burst of air, inflicting 220,361 Physical damage and knocking them back. Each impact increases the damage and knockback taken by 50% for 55 seconds. This effect stacks.

7. Aerial Buffet Aerial Buffet: If Dathea's current target is not within reach, she blasts them with a buffet of air that inflicts 88,144 Nature damage.

Volatile Infuser Abilities

1. Thunderbolt Blowback: Upon death, the Volatile Infuser explodes violently, inflicting 55,098 Nature damage to all players and knocking them back.

2. Diverted Essence Diverted Essence: The Volatile Infuser channels its essence into Dathea, periodically increasing her damage by 10% for 20 seconds. This effect stacks.

3. Unstable Gusts Unstable Gusts: The Volatile Infuser periodically expels Unstable Gusts, inflicting 88,144 Nature damage to players within 5 yards of the impact locations.

4. Aerial Slash Aerial Slash: The Volatile Infuser slashes its current target, inflicting 143,235 Nature damage.

Thunder Caller Abilities

1. Storm Bolt Storm Bolt: The Thunder Caller unleashes a storm bolt at a target, inflicting 17,629 Nature damage.

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Tips and Strategy

Dathea harnesses her newly acquired powers to summon Raging Tempests within the chamber. These tempests traverse the chamber at her command when she activates Crosswinds. Upon reaching 100 energy, Dathea summons Volatile Infusers with Coalescing Storm. These minions detonate upon death in a violent Blowback.

Damage Dealers

- Crosswinds mobilizes all Raging Tempests to new locations.

- Conductive Mark propagates and refreshes when players are in close proximity.

- Cyclone draws players towards Dathea and inflicts significant damage.


- Players afflicted with Conductive Mark endure increased Nature damage.

- Cyclone draws players towards Dathea and inflicts significant damage.

- Crosswinds mobilizes all Raging Tempests to new locations.


- Zephyr Slam deals increasing damage and knockback to Dathea's current target.

- Dathea assaults her target with Aerial Buffet if they are not within reach.

- Dathea summons Volatile Infusers with Coalescing Storm.