WoW Dragonflight - Eranog Boss Guide

Eranog, the formidable commander of the Primalist forces, stands as an unyielding force in his relentless quest for supremacy. As the impending release of the Incarnates looms on the horizon, Eranog marshals the entirety of his army, prepared to wage a campaign of unparalleled ferocity. His determination knows no bounds, and he spares no expense in ensuring his dominion over all who oppose him.

With unwavering resolve, Eranog calls upon his devoted followers, rallying them to his cause with promises of glory and power. Yet, behind his charismatic facade lies a ruthlessness that knows no mercy. To Eranog, victory is the only acceptable outcome, and he will not hesitate to sacrifice even his most loyal adherents in pursuit of his ambitions.

As the tension mounts and the clash of armies becomes inevitable, Eranog stands poised at the precipice of history, ready to etch his name into the annals of legend with blood and conquest. The stage is set for a showdown of epic proportions, and Eranog will stop at nothing to emerge victorious.

WoW Dragonflight - Eranog Boss Guide

Eranog Abilities

Eranog, the formidable commander of the Primalist forces, possesses a wide array of devastating abilities, each designed to instill fear and destruction in his enemies.

Stage One: Army of Talon

- Flamerift Flamerift: Eranog engulfs several players in flames, creating Flamerifts upon expiration that deal significant Fire damage to nearby players and spawn Flamescale Taraseks.

Flamescale Tarasek

- Kill Order Kill Order: The Flamescale Tarasek fixates on a player, pursuing them relentlessly.

- Lava Flow Lava Flow: A pool of lava that inflicts 33,054 Fire damage every 1 sec to players standing within it.

- Leaping Flames Leaping Flames: The Flamescale Captain creates fiery projectiles that leap between players, causing substantial Fire damage over time.

- Pyroblast Pyroblast: Unleashes a massive burst of Fire damage upon a single player.

- Molten Cleave Molten Cleave: Swings his molten axe, dealing fiery damage in a frontal cone.

- Incinerating Roar Incinerating Roar: Exhales flames, damaging all players and leaving them burning over time.

- Molten Spikes Molten Spikes: Summons spikes from the ground, causing damage and knocking players away, which explode into Molten Fissures when triggered.

- Molten Fissures:  Molten Fissures: Molten spikes explode, creating fissures that inflict 66,108 Fire damage to players within 4 yards of the impact locations and knocking them upwards.

- Burning Wound Burning Wound: Inflicts burning wounds on targets with his melee attacks, causing ongoing Fire damage.

Stage Two: Army of Flame

- Army of Flame Army of Flame: Summons an army of Primal Flames and emits Pulsing Flames periodically, causing Fire damage to all players.

Primal Flame

Incinerate Incinerate: Releases fiery projectiles that inflict substantial Fire damage and stun affected players.

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Tips and Strategy

Eranog commands his primalist forces with a blend of ruthless aggression and tactical acumen. As the Primal Commander, he utilizes a variety of devastating abilities to overwhelm his opponents. Eranog's Flamerifts summon deadly minions and create hazardous Primal Flow pools, while his ultimate ability, Army of Flame, encircles his enemies when he reaches full energy.


- Eranog's molten axe causes [Burning Wounds], inflicting continuous Fire damage.

- Molten Cleave deals significant damage to all players directly in front of Eranog.

- Army of Flame poses a lethal threat to anyone caught in the path of the summoned elementals.

Damage Dealers:

- Molten Cleave must be avoided to prevent massive damage to all players in its frontal cone.

- Army of Flame requires quick reaction to avoid the devastating damage from the elementals.

- Flamescale Taraseks will fixate on a target until eliminated, necessitating prompt focus fire.


- Molten Cleave inflicts heavy damage on players in front of Eranog, demanding swift healing.

- Army of Flame presents a critical threat to player survival, requiring immediate attention.

- Each Incinerating Roar by Eranog increases Fire damage over time, demanding vigilant and consistent healing to manage the stacking effect.