WoW Dragonflight - Gnarlroot Boss Guide

Gnarlroot was once a towering sentinel, a guardian of nature’s purest realm, the Emerald Dream. His bark shimmered with a vibrant green hue, symbolizing life and vitality. His branches were adorned with lush foliage, providing shelter to countless creatures and nurturing the land with his wisdom and strength.

However, fate dealt a cruel hand. A devastating fire swept through the forest, consuming everything in its path. Gnarlroot, despite his immense power, could not escape the inferno unscathed. The flames licked at his bark, charring it to a twisted, blackened husk. His once vibrant leaves were reduced to ash, scattered to the winds.

The fire did more than scar Gnarlroot’s exterior; it twisted his soul. The agony of the flames corrupted his noble heart, replacing his protective instincts with a burning desire for vengeance. Now, where once there was a guardian, there stands a monstrous entity, driven by an insatiable urge to destroy.

Gnarlroot's eyes, once filled with the wisdom of ages, now blaze with a malevolent fire. His charred limbs move with a sinister purpose, spreading destruction to the very lands he once vowed to protect. The Emerald Dream mourns the loss of its champion, while the world trembles at the wrath of Gnarlroot.

No longer a beacon of life, Gnarlroot has become a harbinger of doom. Those who once found solace under his branches now flee in terror, as the twisted ancient wreaks havoc on everything in his path. His story serves as a grim reminder of the thin line between protector and destroyer, and the devastating impact of corruption on even the most noble of beings.

Gnarlroot Abilities

Stage One 

1. Flaming Pestilence Flaming Pestilence: Gnarlroot triggers explosions of Shadowflame-infested earth, dealing 199,333 damage to nearby players. Some patches spawn dormant Tainted Lashers.
2. Tainted Lasher:

- Tainted Bloom: Tainted Bloom: Upon awakening, deals 6,644 Shadowflame damage to all enemies.

- Shadow Spines Shadow Spines: Shoots thorns at a player, dealing 53,155 Shadowflame damage and shredding armor, causing increased damage and a bleeding effect.

-  Vicious Thicket Vicious Thicket: Each active lasher boosts haste and damage of others nearby. After 15 applications, becomes Overgrown, immune to control effects.
3. Controlled Burn Controlled Burn: Marks players with a Shadowflame plague, dealing damage over time and creating damaging patches upon expiration.
4. Tortured Scream Tortured Scream: Gnarlroot inflicts Shadowflame damage to all players and additional damage over time.
5. Shadowflame Cleave Shadowflame Cleave: Deals heavy Shadowflame damage in a frontal cone.
6. Dreadfire Barrage Dreadfire Barrage: Fires missiles at the target, causing physical and Shadowflame damage and increasing subsequent Shadowflame damage taken.
7. Ember-Charred Ember-Charred: Afflicted players suffer Shadowflame damage over time. Can be removed by touching Doom Roots.

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Stage Two 

1. Doom Cultivation Doom Cultivation: Gnarlroot grows Doom Roots, reducing his damage taken and causing periodic Shadowflame damage. Destroys roots to afflict Gnarlroot with Uprooted Agony.
2. Doom Roots Doom Roots: Burst forth from the soil, damaging and knocking back nearby players.
3. Searing Bramble Searing Bramble: Flaming chunks cause Shadowflame damage and afflict players with Ember-Charred.
4. Toxic Loam Toxic Loam: Inflicts Shadowflame damage and reduces movement speed. Also diminishes forced movement effects.
5. Uprooted Agony Uprooted Agony: Immobilizes Gnarlroot, increasing damage taken and causing Shadowflame damage to all players. Grants Rising Mania after expiration.
6. Rising Mania Rising Mania: Increases Gnarlroot's damage output.

Tips and Strategy

Gnarlroot uses Shadowflame to corrupt the soil, spawning corrupted allies and creating hazardous terrain. When reaching full energy, he enters Doom Cultivation phase, protected by Doom Roots. Inflicts escalating damage until roots are destroyed, triggering Uprooted Agony.


- Beware of Dreadfire Barrage's high damage and Shadowflame debuff.

- Tainted Lashers pose a threat upon awakening.

- Ember-Charred players can ignite Doom Roots, aiding in root management.

Damage Dealers:

- Utilize Ember-Charred status to ignite Doom Roots.

- Exploit Gnarlroot's vulnerability during Uprooted Agony for increased damage.

- Prioritize damaging Doom Roots to hasten Uprooted Agony phase.


- Prepare for significant group damage from Tortured Scream.

- During Doom Cultivation, expect escalating damage from Gnarlroot.

- Be ready for increased damage output after Uprooted Agony resolves.

Tainted Flora:

- Watch for hostile vegetation spawned by Flaming Pestilence's Shadowflame.

- Coordinate with damage dealers to manage and clear out Tainted Flora efficiently.