WoW Dragonflight - Liskanoth Boss Guide

Imbued with an immense icy power, Liskanoth, The Futurebane, stands as a formidable force within the realm of Thaldraszus. With a gaze as cold as the deepest winter and a presence that chills the bravest of souls, she oversees the land conquered by the Primalists with ruthless efficiency.

Liskanoth's very existence strikes fear into the hearts of all who dare to oppose her, for she wields her icy power with unrivaled mastery. Her dominion over Thaldraszus is absolute, and her ambition knows no bounds.

If left unchecked, Liskanoth will bring about the annihilation of all who dare to enter her domain. Her hunger for conquest knows no end, and her thirst for power is insatiable. Only the bravest and most skilled warriors dare to challenge her, knowing full well the dangers that await them in the icy grip of The Futurebane.

WoW Dragonflight - Liskanoth Boss Guide

Liskanoth, The Futurebane Abilities

1. Glacial Storm Glacial Storm: Liskanoth summons a tempest of ice around her, hurling frozen chunks into the ground. Those within 5 yards of impact suffer 40 Frost damage and find themselves ensnared in a patch of frozen ground. Standing within this icy terrain inflicts 10 Frost damage per second and reduces movement speed by 50%.

2. Deep Freeze Deep Freeze: When Liskanoth reaches her peak energy, she unleashes a devastating blast of frozen air, dealing 50 Frost damage to all caught in her path. Additionally, victims suffer 11 Frost damage per second and are stunned for 6 seconds, helpless in the icy grip of her power.

3. Binding Ice Binding Ice: Liskanoth hurls icy shards at her target, ensnaring them in frost and rooting them to the ground until the Binding Ice is shattered. While trapped, victims endure 8 Frost damage every 2 seconds, unable to escape her chilling grasp.

4. Chilling Breath Chilling Breath: With a frigid exhale, Liskanoth releases an icy cone, inflicting 40 Frost damage and applying Biting Frost to all unfortunate souls caught within its reach.

5. Biting Frost Biting Frost: This malevolent aura accompanies Liskanoth's attacks, inflicting 10 Frost damage per second and reducing movement speed by 50% for 10 seconds, ensuring that her victims remain trapped in her icy domain.

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Tips and Strategy

Liskanoth utilizes her chilling powers to ensnare and defeat players with precision. She employs Glacial Storm and Binding Ice to immobilize her foes, and upon reaching maximum energy, she takes flight to unleash a devastating Deep Freeze upon those below.

Damage Dealers:

- Focus on breaking free from Binding Ice to resume movement and avoid further damage.

- Navigate carefully to avoid standing in the frozen patches left behind by Glacial Storm, as they reduce movement speed.

- Be prepared to mitigate or heal through the heavy damage inflicted by Deep Freeze and its subsequent freezing effect.


- Stay vigilant for players trapped in Binding Ice and prioritize healing them to ensure they can rejoin the battle swiftly.

- Keep an eye on players affected by Glacial Storm, as their reduced movement speed may hinder their ability to avoid further damage.

- Prepare to provide significant healing to counter the heavy damage inflicted by Deep Freeze and its freezing effect.


- Prepare to mitigate the heavy damage and application of Biting Frost caused by Chilling Breath.

- Be mindful of the frozen patches created by Glacial Storm, as they impede movement and can affect positioning.

- Brace for the substantial damage from Deep Freeze and its freezing effect, ensuring survival through effective cooldown usage and mitigation techniques.