WoW Dragonflight - Magmorax Boss Guide

Deep within the fiery depths of the Shadowed Crucible, an imposing guardian watches with fierce loyalty. Magmorax, a lava hydra, was raised from a pup by the fearsome Neltharion, also known as Deathwing. Over the years, Magmorax has developed an insatiable appetite, a trait rivaled only by his devotion to his master. His massive, serpentine body, forged from the very lava that flows through the underground rivers, is a terrifying sight for any who dare approach.

Neltharion, a master of manipulation and secrecy, entrusted Magmorax with the crucial task of guarding the passages leading to the deepest chambers of the Shadowed Crucible. These chambers contain ancient and powerful secrets, hidden from the outside world. Only those brave or foolish enough attempt to pass by this colossal guardian. Magmorax’s presence is a constant reminder that the secrets of the Shadowed Crucible are not easily uncovered.

In a world where betrayal and power struggles are commonplace, Magmorax's unwavering loyalty to his master is a testament to the special bond between beast and creator. As long as Magmorax stands watch, the mysteries of the Shadowed Crucible will remain safeguarded, far from prying eyes.

Magmorax Abilities

1. Catastrophic Eruption Catastrophic Eruption: Upon reaching 100 energy, Magmorax erupts into flames, increasing Physical damage dealt by 150%. The explosion inflicts 88,554 Fire damage to all players every 2 seconds and increases Fire damage taken by 50%. This effect stacks.

Blazing Tantrum Blazing Tantrum: While standing within a Magma Puddle, Magmorax gains 5 energy and inflicts 29,518 Fire damage to all players every 1 second.

Magma Puddle Magma Puddle: A pool of magma that continues to grow during the course of the fight. Players standing in the pool ignite with Searing Heat, shrinking the pool over time. If Magmorax enters a pool, he erupts into a Blazing Tantrum.

Searing Hea Searing Heat: Magma Puddles set players within the area ablaze, inflicting 23,614 Fire damage every 1 second.

2. Molten Spittle Molten Spittle: Magmorax covers random players in fiery spit, inflicting 59,036 Fire damage every 1.5 seconds for 6 seconds. Upon removal, the player explodes, inflicting 88,554 Fire damage to players within 10 yards and creating a Magma Puddle.

3. Igniting Roar Igniting Roar: Magmorax roars, inflicting 103,313 Fire damage on impact and an additional 2,214 Fire damage every 1 second to all players. This effect stacks. Additionally, Magmorax expels numerous Lava Ejections into the chamber.

Lava Ejection Lava Ejection: Magmorax expels globs of burning magma onto the ground. Each glob inflicts 59,036 Fire damage to players within 4 yards of the impact location, incr'

4. Overpowering Stomp Overpowering Stomp: Magmorax stomps the ground, inflicting 118,072 Physical damage to all players and knocking them back.

5. Blazing Breath Blazing Breath: Magmorax spews lava in a frontal cone, inflicting 236,144 Fire damage to all players caught in his breath.

6. Incinerating Maws Incinerating Maws: Magmorax's heads bite at his current target. Each attack inflicts 206,626 Physical damage and an additional 35,422 Fire damage every 1.5 seconds for 30 seconds. This effect also increases the damage taken from subsequent Incinerating Maws by 50% for 30 seconds. This effect stacks.

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Tips and Strategy

Magmorax is a formidable opponent with a variety of devastating abilities that require precise coordination and strategy. Here are some key tips and strategies for tanks, damage dealers, and healers to handle Magmorax's abilities effectively:

General Strategy

1. Avoid Standing in Magma Puddles: Players should avoid standing in Magma Puddles to prevent taking continuous Fire damage from Searing Heat.

2. Manage Magma Puddles: Assign players to strategically stand in Magma Puddles to shrink them over time, minimizing the area they cover.

3. Spread Out for Molten Spittle: When Molten Spittle is cast, spread out to minimize overlapping damage and manage the creation of Magma Puddles.


1. Positioning: Ensure Magmorax is positioned away from existing Magma Puddles to prevent him from gaining Blazing Tantrum.

2. Tank Swap: Coordinate tank swaps to manage the stacking debuff from Incinerating Maws. Swap tanks before the debuff stacks too high to avoid fatal damage.

3. Blazing Tantrum Awareness: Be vigilant about Magmorax's movement and ensure he doesn't enter a Magma Puddle, which would trigger Blazing Tantrum.

Damage Dealers

1. Molten Spittle Management: Spread out when Molten Spittle is cast to ensure Magma Puddles are spread out and manageable.

2. Lava Ejection Handling: Position yourself to intercept Lava Ejections, ensuring they hit players and not the ground, to prevent additional Magma Puddles from forming.

3. Focus Fire: Prioritize burning down Magmorax quickly while managing positioning to minimize the impact of his abilities.


1. Searing Heat Management: Be prepared to heal players who are standing in Magma Puddles to shrink them. They will take continuous Fire damage.

2. Dispel and Heal Molten Spittle: Be ready to heal and dispel players affected by Molten Spittle, as they will take heavy damage over time and explode upon removal.

3. Heal Through Igniting Roar: Prepare for increased healing output during Igniting Roar phases, as the Fire damage from this ability will stack and affect all players.

Energy Management and Catastrophic Eruption

1. Energy Monitoring: Keep track of Magmorax's energy levels. When he reaches 100 energy, he will unleash Catastrophic Eruption.

2. Burst Healing and Damage: Save cooldowns for when Magmorax is nearing 100 energy to mitigate the massive damage from Catastrophic Eruption.


1. Spread Out: Maintain a spread-out formation to minimize damage from area-of-effect abilities and to manage the placement of Magma Puddles.

2. Avoid Puddles: Continuously move and reposition to ensure you are not standing in or near growing Magma Puddles.