WoW Dragonflight - Rashok, the Elder Boss Guide

Deep within Aberrus, an ancient being lies imprisoned amidst shadows and torment. Rashok, the Elder of the Zaqali tribe, has endured the cruel oppression of his captivity for millennia. His essence, once a blazing flame of indomitable power, now slowly fades, consumed by the twisted machinations of Neltharion's laboratory.

The passage of time has etched its relentless mark upon Rashok, eroding his sanity to the brink of madness. The fire that once burned fiercely within him is now but a whisper, a mere echo of its former self.

Yet, the darkness that envelops him has not extinguished the flame of his determination. Within the confines of his prison, Rashok harbors a burning desire to break free and unleash his fury upon those who have subjected him to this unbearable torment. Should he ever manage to shatter the chains that bind him, his wrath will be unleashed like a tempest, laying waste to all that stands in his path within the shadowed halls of the Crucible.

Rashok, the Elder, lurks in the shadows, his resentment growing with each agonizing beat of his heart, awaiting the opportune moment to reclaim his freedom and exact vengeance upon those who have condemned him to this existence of perpetual suffering.

Rashok, the Elder - Abilities

1. Ancient Fury Ancient Fury: Upon reaching 100 energy, Rashok becomes immune to the Elder's Conduit and overloads with pulsing flame, inflicting 442,769 Shadowflame damage to all players every 1 sec.

2. Lava Wave Lava Wave: A roiling wave of lava that inflicts 88,554 Fire damage every 1 sec to players within the area.

3. Lava Explosion Lava Explosion: The Lava Vortex explodes if hit by Searing Slam, inflicting 59,036 Fire damage to all players every 1 sec for 10 sec.

4. Searing Slam Searing Slam: Rashok leaps toward a target player and slams the ground, creating a Lava Vortex at that location and inflicting 118,072 Fire damage to all players. This damage is increased by 20% for each Lava Vortex in the chamber. The slam's impact causes each Lava Vortex to pour forth Lava Wave. A Lava Explosion erupts if Searing Slam hits a Lava Vortex.

Lava Vortex Lava Vortex: Scalding vortex of lava that inflicts 73,795 Fire damage every 2 sec to players within the area. Pours forth Lava Wave during Searing Slam.

5. Doom Flames Doom Flames: Rashok launches a barrage of shadowflame missiles across the chamber. Each missile inflicts 59,036 Shadowflame damage to players within 5 yards of its impact location and an additional 29,518 Shadowflame damage every 1 sec for 8 sec. This effect stacks. Each missile that fails to hit a player erupts, inflicting 118,072 Shadowflame damage to all players.

6. Shadowlava Blast Shadowlava Blast: Rashok unleashes a blast of shadowlava from Djaruun, inflicting 737,949 Shadowflame damage to players in a frontal cone.

7. Charged Smash Charged Smash: Rashok smashes the ground with the Shadowflame-infused Djaruun, inflicting 1.4 million Shadowflame damage split evenly among players within 10 yards of the impact location. Rashok gains up to 15 energy, reduced by the number of players hit.

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8. Wrath of Djaruun Wrath of Djaruun: Rashok unleashes a powerful combination of attacks with Djaruun, Pillar of the Elder Flame, at his current target.

- Flaming Slash Flaming Slash: Rashok slashes at his current target, inflicting 590,359 Fire damage and increasing damage taken by Flaming Slash by 500% for 6 sec.

- Earthen Crush Earthen Crush: Rashok crushes his current target, inflicting 1 million Physical damage and increasing damage taken by Earthen Crush by 500% for 6 sec.

9. Smoldering Rage Smoldering Rage: Rashok roars in pain, inflicting 14,759 Shadowflame damage to all players as he breaks free from the Elder's Conduit. Rashok's inner flame smolders as he breaks free from his prison, increasing the damage of Scorching Heatwave by 500%.

10. Elder's Conduit Elder's Conduit: Rashok's energy is being drained by the Elder's Conduit, causing a series of violent reactions in the chamber.

- Shattered Conduit Shattered Conduit: After draining Rashok's energy 3 times, the conduit shatters, inflicting 147,590 Shadowflame damage to all players within 20 yards and becomes unusable.

- Scorching Heatwave Scorching Heatwave: Rashok periodically emits scorching heat as his energy is drained by the Elder's Conduit, inflicting 39,406 Shadowflame damage to all players.

- Shadowflame Fissures Shadowflame Fissures: Shadowflame energy erupts from Rashok's body as he is drained, inflicting 177,108 Shadowflame damage to players within 5 yards of the impact location.

Tips and Strategy

Rashok gradually accumulates energy over time outside the Elder's Conduit. At 100 energy, he unleashes Ancient Fury, emitting lethal Shadowflame damage. His devastating Searing Slam spawns a Lava Vortex, engulfing the area in Lava Wave.


- Rashok activates Ancient Fury at 100 energy, causing deadly Shadowflame damage.

- While within the Elder's Conduit, Rashok is incapacitated and loses energy gradually.

- During Wrath of Djaruun, Rashok executes a series of lethal attacks.

Damage Dealers

- Searing Slam creates a Lava Vortex, triggering Lava Wave.

- Doom Flames inflict significant Shadowflame damage if not intercepted.


- Inside the Elder's Conduit, Rashok inflicts heavy damage with Scorching Heatwave.

- Searing Slam intensifies in damage with each use.

The battle strategy against Rashok hinges on energy management and countering his lethal abilities. Tanks must withstand Shadowflame onslaughts, while DPS swiftly handle Lava Vortices and mitigate Doom Flames. Healers must be vigilant, particularly during Rashok's confinement, to sustain the group through the searing onslaughts.