WoW Dragonflight - Volcoross Boss Guide

It is said that Volcoross, the lava serpent, is so vast that no creature has lived long enough to see him in his entirety. The gargantuan viper now coils himself around the Emerald Dream, seeking to devour it whole.

Legends speak of Volcoross's birth from the heart of a dying star, his scales forged in the intense heat of molten rock, each one glowing with the fiery essence of his origin. His eyes, like twin suns, burn with an insatiable hunger, illuminating the dark recesses of his cavernous domain. 

Volcoross's immense form moves with a slow, deliberate grace, his every movement causing the ground to tremble and the air to shimmer with heat. The ancient trees of the Emerald Dream, once vibrant with life, now wither in his presence, their leaves turning to ash as he draws nearer. Rivers of molten lava flow in his wake, carving new landscapes and erasing old ones, a testament to his destructive power.

Despite his fearsome reputation, Volcoross is more than just a mindless force of destruction. He is a guardian of secrets, keeper of ancient knowledge lost to time. Those brave or foolish enough to seek him out in his volcanic lair must first survive the journey through treacherous terrain and hostile creatures that revere the lava serpent as a god.

Some stories tell of a hidden weakness, a way to quell his fiery rage and save the Emerald Dream from his consuming hunger. Yet, these tales are shrouded in mystery and fear, for who can stand against a being as old and powerful as Volcoross? The few who have attempted such a feat have never returned, their fates sealed in the fiery depths of the serpent's domain.

Volcoross Abilities

1. Flood of the Firelands Flood of the Firelands: Upon reaching 100 energy, Volcoross launches two massive globs of lava that splatter across his chamber. Each impact inflicts 885,922 Fire damage split among players within 12 yards, knocking them back, and creating Hellboil. If either lava glob fails to hit at least 4 players, it inflicts 310,073 Fire damage to all players and Hellboil consumes the entire chamber.

-  Hellboil Hellboil: Crawling magma incinerates the ground, inflicting 88,592 Fire damage every 1 second to players within the effect.

2. Serpent's Fury Serpent's Fury: Volcoross spews surging fire from his jaws, inflicting 44,296 Fire damage to all players every 0.5 seconds for 5 seconds. Several players combust with Coiling Flames.

- Coiling Flames Coiling Flames: Snakelike flames swirl around the player, inflicting 11,074 Fire damage to them and radiating Twisting Singe to nearby players every 1 second for 10 seconds. The flames tighten over time, increasing their damage as they reduce in area. Upon expiration, the flames slither to another player.

- Twisting Singe Twisting Singe: The spiraling embers radiate fire outward, inflicting 22,148 Fire damage to nearby allies. This damage increases as the Coiling Flames tighten.

3. Scorchtail Crash Scorchtail Crash: Volcoross's fiery tail emerges from the lava and slams his surrounding ring, inflicting 2.2 million Physical damage to players hit and knocking them back. A molten shockwave inflicts 44,296 Fire damage to all players.

4. Volcanic Disgorge Volcanic Disgorge: Volcoross retches chunks of searing bile at players, inflicting 221,481 Fire damage within 3 yards of each impact and creating Hellboil.

5. Molten Venom Molten Venom: Volcoross's melee attacks inject sizzling venom into his current target, inflicting 11,074 Fire damage every 1 second and increasing damage taken from Cataclysm Jaws by 50% for 20 seconds. This effect stacks.

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6. Cataclysm Jaws Cataclysm Jaws: Volcoross's calamitous jaws ravage his current target, inflicting 1.1 million Physical damage and 221,481 Fire damage.

7. Burning Vertebrae Burning Vertebrae: Volcoross's igneous skeleton emanates with blistering heat, inflicting 13,289 Fire damage to all players every 2 seconds.

8. Serpent's Wrath Serpent's Wrath: Volcoross unleashes the full magnifying force of the Firelands, inflicting 44,296 Fire damage to all players and increasing his damage done by 5% every 0.5 seconds.

9. Combusting Rage Combusting Rage: If no players are within reach, Volcoross continually vents waves of flames that inflict 110,740 Fire damage to all players every 2 seconds.

Tips and Strategy

Volcoross slams his surrounding ring with Scorchtail Crash as his enemies suffocate under the grip of Coiling Flames. Upon reaching 100 energy, Volcoross splatters his chamber with a boiling Flood of the Firelands.


- Cataclysm Jaws inflict massive damage that Molten Venom further increases.

- Upon reaching 100 energy, Flood of the Firelands splashes two lava globs that consume his chamber if either fail to hit enough players.

Damage Dealers

- Upon reaching 100 energy, Flood of the Firelands splashes two lava globs that consume his chamber if either fail to hit enough players.

- Scorchtail Crash inflicts lethal damage to any players hit.


- Coiling Flames inflict increasing damage around players before slithering to new targets.

- Upon reaching 100 energy, Flood of the Firelands splashes two lava globs that consume his chamber if either fail to hit enough players.