WoW Dragonflight - Zskarn Boss Guide

Zskarn, the Vigilant Steward, was entrusted long ago with testing the mettle of Neltharion’s experiments. His role was to evaluate and ensure that only the most powerful and resilient subjects survived, marking the difference between life and death for many. Operating within the Shadowed Crucible, a mysterious and dark testing ground, Zskarn meticulously designed trials that pushed candidates to their limits.

Recently, a new group of visitors has arrived at the Shadowed Crucible, attracting Zskarn’s unwavering attention. These individuals, driven by destiny or ambition, now face the daunting task of earning his approval. Over time, Zskarn’s standards have grown even more exacting, making the challenge even tougher.

To gain Zskarn’s approval, the new arrivals must demonstrate not just raw power, but also strategic thinking, resilience, and an indomitable spirit. The trials ahead will test every aspect of their being, requiring them to overcome the harshest challenges. Zskarn’s role as the gatekeeper of Neltharion’s legacy ensures that only those who exhibit exceptional prowess and determination will succeed and earn their place in history. Under his vigilant gaze, survival in the Shadowed Crucible is a testament to true power and resilience.

The Vigilant Steward, Zskarn - Abilities

1. Dragonfire Traps Dragonfire Traps: Zskarn activates nearby Dragonfire Traps, dealing 29,518 Fire damage every second for 6 seconds to all players within 11 yards. This damage stacks.

2. Animate Golems Animate Golems: Zskarn brings several Dragonfire Golems to life. These golems seek out and activate inactive Dragonfire Traps.

- Activate Dragonfire Trap Activate Dragonfire Trap: Dragonfire Golems attempt to activate any inactive Dragonfire Traps. If no inactive traps are found, they assist Zskarn in attacking players.

- Salvage Parts Salvage Parts: Players can rummage through the remains of a defeated Dragonfire Golem to find parts to disable Dragonfire Traps.

- Deactivate Dragonfire Trap Deactivate Dragonfire Trap: Players can deactivate a targeted active Dragonfire Trap.

3. Tactical Destruction Tactical Destruction: Upon reaching 100 energy, Zskarn causes rapid eruptions from nearby dragon statues, inflicting 737,949 Fire damage to all players within the blast radius.

4. Shrapnel Bomb Shrapnel Bomb:After 30 seconds, Shrapnel Bomb detonates, dealing 177,108 Physical damage and an additional 44,277 Physical damage every second for 10 seconds to all players. Triggering the bomb early causes a localized detonation, inflicting 221,385 Physical damage to the triggering player and an additional 22,138 Physical damage every second for 8 seconds.

5. Blast Wave Blast Wave: Zskarn releases a Blast Wave, knocking all players back and dealing 66,415 Fire damage on impact, plus 10,626 Fire damage every 0.5 seconds for 6 seconds.

6. Searing Claws Searing Claws: Zskarn’s claws inflict 8,855 Fire damage every 2 seconds for 20 seconds to his current target. This effect stacks.

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Tips and Strategy

Zskarn is a master at manipulating the battlefield, using various deadly traps and summoning Dragonfire Golems to challenge players. Here are strategies for each role to help you defeat him:

General Strategy

- Dragonfire Traps: Avoid standing near these traps to minimize Fire damage.

- Dragonfire Golems: Prioritize killing these golems to prevent them from activating additional traps.

- Salvage Parts: Utilize defeated golems' parts to deactivate traps.

- Tactical Destruction: Be prepared to move quickly when Zskarn reaches 100 energy to avoid the devastating eruptions.


- Positioning: Keep Zskarn away from Dragonfire Traps to avoid incidental activations.

- Tactical Destruction: Watch for the energy buildup and move out of the blast areas quickly.

- Searing Claws: Manage this stacking debuff by coordinating tank swaps.

- Shrapnel Bomb: Work with the team to handle bombs promptly to prevent massive damage.

Damage Dealers

- Priority Targets: Focus on Dragonfire Golems first to prevent trap activations.

- Movement: Stay alert for Tactical Destruction and Blast Wave. Position yourself to avoid knockbacks and lethal waves.

- Burst Damage: Use high burst damage abilities to quickly eliminate golems and deactivate traps.


- Healing Through Damage: Be ready to heal through the heavy damage from Blast Wave and Tactical Destruction.

- Positioning: Keep a safe distance from Dragonfire Traps and be mindful of knockbacks.

- Unstable Embers: Pay close attention to players affected by Unstable Embers and heal them quickly while keeping them spaced apart to prevent splash damage to nearby allies.