WoW SoD - Avatar of Hakkar Boss Guide in Sunken Temple


When facing the final boss, Avatar of Hakkar, in the Sunken Temple raid, it may not pose as significant a challenge as the Shade of Eranikus. Nonetheless, understanding and executing key mechanics is crucial for success. 

Ideally, your raid setup should include at least one tank, although having two tanks can provide added stability. Additionally, you'll want to ensure you have a roster of four dedicated healers to keep your party sustained throughout the encounter. As for damage dealers (DPS), any variety will suffice.

Shade of Hakkar - NPC - World of Warcraft

Avatar of Hakkar Abilities

Vigilasangre Hakkari:

- Bubbling Blood Bubbling Blood: Launches blood at a target, causing Shadow damage to players within its vicinity.

- Chains of the Spirit Chains of the Spirit: Inflicts Shadow damage every 2 seconds for 18 seconds. This effect also reduces attack, cast, and movement speed by 50%.

- Spine-chilling Howl Spine-chilling Howl: Releases a fearsome howl, dealing Shadow damage to all enemies and causing them to flee in fear for 4 seconds. This ability can be interrupted.

- Blood Tide Blood Tide: Fills the caster with blood, granting 3% of maximum mana every second.

Avatar de Hakkar:

- Blood Nova Blood Nova: Blasts players with blood, causing Shadow damage.

- Curse of Tongues Curse of Tongues: Forces nearby enemies to speak in Demonic, reducing their casting speed by 50% for 15 seconds. This effect can be dispelled.

- Madness Madness: Drives the target insane, making them hostile to their allies and increasing their maximum health by 25%. This effect is dispellable.

- Corrupted Blood Corrupted Blood: Spits corrupted blood, causing Shadow damage over time. This effect has a chance to spread to nearby players.

- Blood Drain Blood Drain: A frontal cast that deals damage and dispels Corrupted Blood.

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To initiate the fight, begin by dispatching the four Ritualista Atal'ai that are maintaining the lock on Vigilasangre Hakkari. These adds pose no threat, so conserve mana and refrain from engaging them directly.

Once the adds are eliminated, the first phase commences, during which you must contend with Vigilasangre Hakkari until he fully replenishes his mana using Tides of Blood. This regeneration process takes approximately 33 seconds. While waiting for the phase transition, it's essential to manage certain mechanics to ensure survival and prepare for the Avatar of Hakkar's arrival.

It's worth noting that while it's not mandatory to defeat Vigilasangre Hakkari before Avatar of Hakkar spawns, damaging the add does contribute to the boss's overall health pool. However, on initial clears or if uncertain, conserving damage cooldowns may be prudent to expedite Avatar of Hakkar's defeat.

During this phase, position all ranged players together. When Vigilasangre Hakkari casts Bubbling Blood, promptly move out of the affected area to mitigate damage. Additionally, individuals afflicted with Chains of the Spirit should quickly move away from the group before being dispelled to prevent the curse from spreading.

It's crucial for decursers to allow affected players sufficient time to reposition before dispelling Chains of the Spirit. Furthermore, promptly dispel Spine-chilling Howl whenever cast to maintain control over other mechanics.

Once Avatar of Hakkar emerges, focus shifts to defeating him. Employ damage cooldowns and execute your DPS rotations efficiently to swiftly diminish his health.

Similar to Chains of the Spirit, Avatar of Hakkar will cast Corrupted Blood. Players afflicted with this debuff should promptly move out of the raid's vicinity and position themselves in front of the boss to be targeted by Blood Drain. This dispels the debuff and grants affected players the temporary Skeletal debuff, granting increased movement speed to return to their positions.

In the event of a mechanic mishap, surviving is possible but requires intensive healing. All raid members must endure the frontal cast of Blood Drain, albeit with increased healing demands due to the Skeletal debuff's healing reduction.

Additionally, healers should prioritize shielding and topping off tank health before the conclusion of Blood Drain to mitigate the healing reduction imposed by the Skeletal debuff.

Lastly, ensure prompt decursing of Curse of Tongues and dispel any instances of Madness mind control as they occur, then proceed to defeat the boss.

Tips on Avatar of Hakkar

Tips for Tanks:

- Keep the boss stationary to facilitate managing the Corrupted Blood debuff for the raid.

- Preserve defensive cooldowns until after the Blood Drain cast, as you'll be affected by the Skeletal debuff and unable to receive healing.

- Prioritize interrupting Spine-chilling Howl, as it's the most critical spell to interrupt. Curse of Tongues is also interruptible but of lesser importance.

- If mana is an issue, refrain from using any outside of the bare minimum for threat generation during the Vigilasangre Hakkari phase, as damaging him doesn't hasten Avatar de Hakkar's spawn time.

Tips for Melee:

- Save gap-closing abilities for when you're debuffed with either Chains of the Spirit or Corrupted Blood, as you'll need to move out of melee range to be dispelled.

- Similar to tanks, focus on interrupting Spine-chilling Howl. Curse of Tongues is also interruptible but less critical.

- Like tanks, conserve mana during the Vigilasangre Hakkari phase if mana management is a concern.

Tips for Ranged:

- Utilize instant-cast abilities for forced movement when Bubbling Blood is cast during the first phase.

- Reserve gap-closing abilities for when you're debuffed with Chains of the Spirit or Corrupted Blood, necessitating movement out of ranged positions to be dispelled.

- Promptly decurse Curse of Tongues on casters if possible, prioritizing it over other tasks.

- Similar to other roles, focus on interrupting Spine-chilling Howl, with Curse of Tongues being a secondary interrupt priority.

- Manage mana conservatively during the Vigilasangre Hakkari phase.

Tips for Healers:

- Ensure the tank is topped up and, if possible, shielded before the Blood Drain cast to mitigate the healing reduction from the Skeletal debuff.

- Utilize instant-cast heals for forced movement when Bubbling Blood is cast during the first phase.

- Promptly decurse Curse of Tongues on casters if necessary.

- Similar to other roles, prioritize interrupting Spine-chilling Howl, with Curse of Tongues being a secondary interrupt priority.