WoW SoD - Best DPS Classes in Phase 3


As Season of Discovery Phase 3 unfolds, avid players are eager to gauge the prowess of their favored classes in terms of Damage Per Second (DPS). With each new phase, a wave of fresh runes, enhanced abilities, and top-tier gear inundates the landscape, prompting significant shifts in damage output dynamics, especially within the confines of the newly unveiled Sunken Temple 20-man Raid.

In this analysis, we delve into the current meta, evaluating the viability of classes based on prevailing builds, strategic nuances, and the arsenal of items unearthed thus far in the Season of Discovery. It's worth noting that the landscape of DPS rankings is subject to evolution as developers fine-tune the power dynamics, addressing any underperforming specifications that may surface.

Stay tuned as we dissect the DPS standings, shedding light on the frontrunners and unveiling the intricacies of their dominance in the ever-evolving tapestry of Season of Discovery Phase 3.

WoW SoD - Best Classes DPS in Phase 3


In Season of Discovery Phase 3, certain classes rise to the forefront, establishing themselves as the pinnacle of Damage Per Second (DPS) excellence. Here's a closer look at the elite contenders of the S-Tier:

1. Shadow Priest Shadow Priest: Shadow Priests emerge as formidable contenders, boasting immense damage potential coupled with invaluable utility. Their ability to unleash devastating assaults while augmenting group performance solidifies their status as indispensable assets in any group composition.

2. Fury Warrior Fury Warrior: Fury Warriors ascend to the zenith of DPS charts, reclaiming their rightful throne as the undisputed kings of damage. With unparalleled ferocity, they carve through adversaries, leaving a trail of devastation in their wake. In Phase 3, Warriors shine brightly as relentless juggernauts of destruction.

3. Arms Warrior Arms Warrior: While Arms Warriors may lag slightly behind their Fury counterparts, they retain a semblance of viability in select scenarios. Awaiting potential buffs from the developers, Arms Warriors strive to bridge the gap and ascend to parity with their Fury brethren.

4. Enhancement Shaman Enhancement Shaman: The martial prowess of Enhancement Shamans stands as a beacon of strength amidst the tumult of battle. Serving as the stalwart vanguards of their factions, Enhancement Shamans excel in delivering potent blows while fortifying their allies with ancestral blessings.

5. Beast Mastery Hunter Beast Mastery Hunter: Beast Mastery Hunters resurge as dominant forces, showcasing the resurgence of melee-focused archers. With their faithful companions at their side, they unleash a torrent of ferocity, eclipsing their ranged counterparts in raw damage output.

6. Assassination Rogue Assassination Rogue: Rogues, recipients of substantial enhancements in Phase 3, ascend to the pinnacle of effectiveness. Their proficiency in poison application and unparalleled utility cement their status as indispensable members of any raid group, earning them a coveted place in the S-Tier of DPS classes.

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As the Season of Discovery Phase 3 unfolds, certain classes emerge as stalwart contenders, demonstrating commendable performance in terms of Damage Per Second (DPS). Here's a closer look at the A-Tier contenders:

1. Feral Druid Feral DPS: Feral Druids exhibit remarkable potency in Phase 3, showcasing impressive damage output alongside invaluable utility contributions. Their proficiency in augmenting group dynamics, coupled with enhanced bleed damage capabilities, solidifies their standing as formidable combatants in any raid composition.

2. Marksmanship Hunter Marksmanship Hunter: Despite facing a comparative disadvantage to their melee counterparts, Marksmanship Hunters persist as reliable sources of ranged damage. While they may not match the sheer ferocity of their melee brethren in encounters within the Sunken Temple, their ranged prowess remains a potent force to be reckoned with.

3. Balance Druid Balance Druid: Balance Druids, while possessing room for improvement in terms of damage output, excel in ancillary roles such as off-healing and providing invaluable buffs to fellow casters within the raid. Their versatility and supportive capabilities make them indispensable assets in raid compositions seeking to bolster the overall effectiveness of their group.


As the Season of Discovery Phase 3 unfolds, several classes find themselves occupying the B-Tier, demonstrating respectable performance in terms of Damage Per Second (DPS). Here's a closer look at these contenders:

1. Fire Mage Fire Mage: Fire Mages, while initially slow to ascend, harbor the potential for a late-game surge that could potentially alter their standing within the phase. Keep a watchful eye on their trajectory as they may yet prove to be formidable contenders in the latter stages.

2. Survival Hunter Survival Hunter: Survival Hunters, while capable of maintaining considerable damage output, often find themselves overshadowed by the widespread preference for Beast Mastery counterparts. Despite this, their capacity for inflicting substantial harm remains noteworthy, particularly in skilled hands.

3. Retribution Paladin Retribution Paladin: Retribution Paladins, although not vying for the top spot in terms of damage output, bring a wealth of utility to raid compositions that should not be underestimated. Their ability to bolster group resilience and mitigate threats adds invaluable depth to any raid encounter.

4. Affliction Warlock Affliction Warlock: Affliction Warlocks occupy a somewhat nebulous position within the phase, owing partly to their relatively low representation among players. Nonetheless, the introduction of new runes that enable their Damage over Time (DoT) effects to critically strike augurs well for their damage potential, albeit amidst a landscape of uncertainty.


In the ever-shifting landscape of Season of Discovery Phase 3, certain classes find themselves occupying the C-Tier, showcasing performance that, while not stellar, still warrants consideration. Here's a closer look at these contenders:

1. Elemental Shaman Elemental Shaman: Elemental Shamans possess the potential to deliver respectable damage output while also offering valuable utility to raid groups. However, their prominence is often overshadowed by the preference for Enhancement Shamans, who bring a more pronounced blend of damage and support to the table.

2. Destruction Warlock Destruction Warlock: Destruction Warlocks face a transitional phase as the season progresses, with their power potentially fluctuating as more players acquire gear. While current simulations may not paint an overwhelmingly positive picture, there remains the possibility of adjustments from Blizzard to enhance their damage capabilities, potentially elevating them from their current standing.

3. Demonology Warlock Demonology Warlock: Demonology Warlocks, while not without their merits, find themselves situated in a middling position. While viable, their performance fails to match the heights achieved by their Destruction or Affliction counterparts. As such, players may find greater success and satisfaction by gravitating towards other Warlock specializations.


In Season of Discovery Phase 3, certain classes find themselves relegated to the D-Tier, struggling to compete with their peers in terms of Damage Per Second (DPS). Here's a closer look at these contenders:

1. Subtlety Rogue Subtlety Rogue: Subtlety Rogues languish in the depths of ineffectiveness in PvE encounters, plagued by longstanding inadequacies that render them unsuitable for serious consideration. Players are advised to steer clear of this specialization in favor of more viable alternatives.

2. Frost Mage Frost Mage: Frost Mages find themselves mired in mediocrity throughout Phase 3, failing to impress with their lackluster performance in comparison to their Fire Mage counterparts. The overwhelming superiority of Fire Mages in damage output leaves Frost Mages struggling to find relevance in the current meta.

3. Arcane Mage Arcane Mage: Arcane Mages plummet to new depths of inadequacy in Phase 3, seemingly relegated to a role of secondary importance as Blizzard places greater emphasis on their potential as healers rather than damage-dealers. This shift in focus leaves Arcane Mages languishing as shadows of their former selves.

4. Combat Roguer Combat Rogue: Combat Rogues, while possessing some redeeming qualities, fail to distinguish themselves as competitive contenders in the realm of DPS. Despite potential for placement slightly higher in the tier list, their overall damage output falls short of expectations when compared to other specialization options.