WoW SoD - Best Healer Classes in Phase 3


As the Season of Discovery Phase 3 unfolds within World of Warcraft, there arises a discerning inquiry among players regarding the optimal selection of healer classes for this juncture.

In this current epoch, marked by the advent of new runes, expanded skill sets, and the introduction of notable equipment, discernible shifts have been observed in healing efficacy, utility, and damage mitigation. These nuances hold particular significance within the context of the newly unveiled Sunken Temple raid, devised to accommodate groups of up to 20 participants.

The assessment of each healer class's viability is predicated upon meticulous scrutiny of prevailing game iterations, community-endorsed strategies, and the acquisition of pertinent items and resources throughout the ongoing Season of Discovery.

WoW SoD - Best Classes Healer in Phase 3


1. Discipline Priest Priest Discipline: Discipline Priests have seen a remarkable surge in effectiveness, primarily due to their unparalleled shielding capabilities and utility. Their capacity to provide substantial damage mitigation surpasses that of any other healer class in the game. While maintaining optimal shielding necessitates a more frequent integration of healing spells, the enduring relevance of this specialization remains unquestionable.

2. Restoration Druid Restoration Druid: With the introduction of new runes in Phase 3, Restoration Druids have experienced a significant enhancement in their scalability. Noteworthy is their ability to opt for a hybrid Boomkin build, allowing for the incorporation of damage-dealing capabilities alongside their formidable healing prowess. The substantial utility and healing output they offer position them nearly on par with Discipline Priests during this phase of gameplay.

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1. Restoration Shaman Shaman Restoration: Given the increased demand for healing in the 20-man Sunken Temple raid, Shamans exhibit commendable efficiency in addressing multiple targets. However, they are hindered by a lack of significant scaling, which prevents them from ascending higher in the rankings. While their utility remains noteworthy, there remains room for improvement in their overall performance.

2. Holy Paladin Holy Paladin: In Phase 3, Holy Paladins find themselves in a peculiar position, as the focus of their runes primarily emphasizes damage output. This unconventional approach often leads players to adopt Shockadin-esque builds, leveraging healer gear for damage-dealing purposes. While it's plausible for the spec's viability to diminish further, Holy Paladins nonetheless struggle to match the prowess of the top-tier healers in the game.


1. Mage Healer Mage Healer: Regrettably, Mages have experienced a further decline in Phase 3, largely attributable to their talents and the absence of compelling new runes. This relegation places them at the lower echelons in terms of healing output. While their potential to contribute additional DPS in raids may hold some allure, the prevailing sentiment favors prioritizing superior healing capabilities over augmenting damage output.