WoW SoD - Best Tank Classes in Phase 3


As Season of Discovery Phase 3 unfolds, players are contemplating the ideal class choices for tanking duties in this latest phase. With fresh content introducing new runes, expanded abilities, and remarkable gear, the landscape of damage output, tanking prowess, and damage mitigation has evolved, especially in the context of the newly introduced Sunken Temple 20-man Raid. Our assessment will weigh the viability of each class based on their current builds, strategic considerations, and the items unearthed thus far in Season of Discovery.

WoW SoD - Best Classes Tank in Phase 3


1. Paladin Tank Paladin: In Phase 3, Protection Paladins reign supreme as the premier tanking choice. Their exceptional access to Area of Effect (AoE) abilities, combined with versatile utility and impressive damage output, solidify their position as the standout specialization for tanking duties.


1. Warlock Tank Warlock: Warlocks excel as Off-Tanks, effortlessly providing crucial threat generation and damage support to ensure the Main Tank's stability. Their presence is indispensable for raid success.

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2. Rogue Tank Rogue Tank: Rogues have found themselves in a strong position for tanking duties. The addition of new runes empowers them to unleash formidable damage, enhance threat generation, and bolster survivability against formidable bosses and packs of enemies. While mastering the role of Rogue Tank may require some adjustment, their viability in the A-Tier seems promising for the foreseeable future.

3. Protection Warrior Protection Warrior: Warriors are experiencing a resurgence in Phase 3, particularly in the form of Protection Warriors. Furthermore, hybrid builds incorporating the new Gladiator Stance are emerging, showcasing the adaptability and potential of the Warrior class in tanking scenarios.


1. Feral Druid Druid: Druids are enjoying a resurgence with adjustments from Blizzard, enabling Bear tanks to strike a balance between damage output and aggro management. The altered rune mechanics have empowered Druids to sustain their rage while effectively maintaining control over enemy aggression.

2. Enhancement Shaman Enhancement Shaman: Despite their previous prominence, Enhancement Shamans have seen a decline in Phase 3 due to Blizzard's nerfs, particularly impacting their viability as tanks. The requirement to wield a shield for tanking has resulted in significantly reduced damage output, making it challenging for Shamans to compete with other more potent tanking options.