WoW SoD - Dreamscythe and Weaver Bosses Guide in Sunken Temple


The fourth challenge within the Sunken Temple raid introduces players to Dreamscythe and Weaver, a formidable duo whose initial complexity gradually yields to strategy and teamwork. The encounter unfolds in a spacious chamber, perilously punctuated by a central chasm where missteps can prove fatal. Initially, players contend solely with Dreamscythe until the dragon's health dwindles to 80%.

Upon reaching this pivotal threshold, Weaver swoops into the fray, uniting with Dreamscythe to present a united front against the raid. Notably, both dragons draw from a shared reservoir of health, requiring coordinated efforts from the raid to whittle down their combined strength.

To navigate this encounter effectively, raid composition plays a critical role. A balanced team typically consists of 2-3 tanks to manage aggro and absorb damage, bolstered by a robust healing contingent of at least 5 individuals. Remaining slots are ideally filled with DPS specialists, capable of dealing significant damage while adhering to strategic priorities.

Shadow Priests emerge as particularly valuable assets in this battle, their ability to passively contribute to raid healing proving invaluable amidst the chaos of combat. Leveraging their unique talents, they help sustain the raid's vitality, enhancing its endurance against the relentless assaults of Dreamscythe and Weaver.

WoW SoD - Dreamscythe and Weaver Boss Guide in Sunken Temple

Dreamscythe and Weaver Abilities

1. Flutter Flutter: Dreamscythe executes a powerful flap of its wings upon returning to its corner positions, generating a forceful knockback effect on nearby players. This ability serves as a warning to maintain distance and positioning, as being caught in the blast radius can disrupt strategic formations and potentially expose vulnerable raid members.

2. Delayed Wing Thrash Delayed Wing Thrash: Following Dreamscythe's repositioning, Weaver follows suit with a delayed but equally impactful wing thrash, forcibly displacing players within its vicinity. This synchronized assault demands heightened situational awareness, prompting players to anticipate and react promptly to successive knockback effects to avoid being dislodged into hazardous terrain or compromising positions.

3. Caustic Overflow Caustic Overflow: A pernicious debuff inflicts upon players standing within the poison pool encircling the boss arena. This noxious substance exacts a toll of 1000 Fire damage every 0.5 seconds, compelling raid members to exercise caution when maneuvering within the contaminated area. Effective management of movement and positioning is essential to mitigate sustained damage and prevent incapacitation.

4. Acid Breath Acid Breath: Dreamscythe and Weaver unleash a devastating frontal breath attack, unleashing torrents of corrosive acid upon their adversaries. This potent assault not only inflicts substantial damage upon impacted targets but also applies a persistent stacking damage over time effect. To minimize casualties and sustain raid longevity, players must swiftly react by repositioning themselves to evade the brunt of the onslaught while mitigating the accumulating deleterious effects of the corrosive residue.

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Tips on Dreamscythe and Weaver

Tips for Tanks 

- Ensure the bosses are consistently positioned to face away from the raid to mitigate the impact of their frontal attacks.

- Exercise caution to avoid contact with the outer poison damage, prioritizing maintaining control over the boss positioning.

- Consider the increased risk of solo tanking beyond phase 3 due to the heightened threat posed by Aliento de ácido mechanic.

Tips for Melee 

- Focus your attacks on a single target if the bosses are too far apart for cleave damage, maximizing damage output by capitalizing on complete debuffs.

- Strategically time gap-closing abilities post-knockback to minimize downtime and maintain engagement with the target.

- During the final phase, adjust positioning between knockbacks to evade hazards like the central pit or the outer poison pool.

Tips for Ranged 

- Stand in close proximity to the raid's center for optimal uptime and safety during boss movements and knockbacks.

- Adjust positioning during the final phase to avoid falling into hazards, ensuring continued engagement with minimal risk.

- Preserve instant cast abilities for use during wing buffet mechanics to mitigate interruptions and maintain uptime. Focus fire on a single target to maximize damage output, leveraging debuffs for increased efficacy.

Tips for Healers

- Position yourself within the raid's stack in the center to avoid Aliento de ácido and maintain accessibility for healing.

- Reserve instant cast heals for emergencies during wing buffet mechanics to address players displaced into hazardous terrain.

- Prioritize healing coordination and resource management to sustain the raid's survivability amidst the chaos of battle.