WoW SoD - Festering Rotslime Boss Guide in Sunken Temple


Festering Rotslime, the second boss encountered in the Sunken Temple raid, presents a significant increase in difficulty compared to the first encounter. Positioned within a circular hallway, the fight offers minimal room for maneuvering, amplifying the challenge of navigating the boss's abilities.

Given the constrained space within the boss room, maintaining distance and executing mechanics flawlessly are paramount for a swift victory.

For optimal performance in this encounter, one player should serve as the tank, supported by five healers, with the remaining participants fulfilling DPS roles. As with the initial boss encounter, ranged DPS classes hold an advantage due to the substantial movement demands of this battle.

WoW SoD - Festering Rotslime Boss Guide in Sunken Temple

Festering Rotslime's Abilities

1.  The Hour of Slime: This ability buffs the boss with a 5% increase in movement speed per stack. As the stacks accumulate, the boss becomes increasingly agile, making it more challenging for players to avoid its attacks.

2.  Devour: When Festering Rotslime devours an object killed by players, it triggers this ability. Devour not only cancels out the movement speed buff gained from La Hora de las Babas but also inflicts periodic damage on the raid. Players must be vigilant in preventing the boss from consuming slain objects to mitigate its harmful effects.

3.  Filth: Festering Rotslime casts Porquería to unleash slowing and damaging poison upon players. Once dispelled, this poison forms hazardous pools on the ground, posing a threat to anyone who ventures too close. Managing the placement of these pools is crucial to maintaining space for maneuvering during the encounter.

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The key to defeating Festering Rotslime lies in effective kiting and strategic positioning within the corridor where the boss resides.

1. Continuous Movement: Players must maintain constant movement throughout the encounter, particularly between casts of Filth. This ability leaves hazardous poison pools on the ground, impeding movement and dealing damage. Prompt cleansing of Filth debuffs is essential to facilitate uninterrupted mobility.

2. Disrupting The Hour of Slime: Festering Rotslime gains speed over time through The Hour of Slime. To counteract this, prioritize eliminating the Atal'ai Slab, Atal'ai Mask, Atal'ai Candle, and Atal'ai Drum objects scattered along the corridor. Melee players should focus on this task to prevent being Devoured by the boss.

3. Melee DPS Considerations: Melee players can engage in direct damage-dealing to Festering Rotslime under specific conditions:

- Ensure swift dispels to promptly remove Filth debuffs.

- Maintain positioning on the correct side of the boss to avoid being affected by its abilities.

- Remain at maximum melee range to minimize exposure to danger.

- Ensure adequate healing support to mitigate potential spikes in damage intake.

Tips on Festering Rotslime

Tips for Tanks on Festering Rotslime:

- Consider utilizing a ranged tank, such as a warlock, for increased uptime and threat generation.

- Other tanks can focus on maintaining threat on the boss or handling the Atal'ai side objects like the Atal'ai Slab, Atal'ai Mask, Atal'ai Candle, and Atal'ai Drum.

- Take advantage of the dual spec system to easily switch roles if needed.

Tips for Melee on Festering Rotslime:

- Be cautious of damage taken, as the boss can cast Devour on melee damage dealers.

- Prioritize damaging the Atal'ai side objects while ensuring a safe position.

Tips for Ranged on Festering Rotslime:

- Position yourself on either the left or right side of the boss corridor to minimize movement between casts.

- Save instant casts for when Festering Rotslime casts Filth (Porquería) to maximize uptime and damage output.

Tips for Healers on Festering Rotslime:

- Focus on promptly dispelling the debuff from Filth  to reduce overall damage taken.

- Save instant cast heals for when Festering Rotslime casts Filth  to ensure the safety of all players.

- Keep an eye on melee damage dealers who may be targeted with Devour, and provide additional healing support as needed.