WoW SoD - Hazzas and Morphaz Bosses Guide in Sunken Temple


In the Sunken Temple raid, players confront the sixth boss encounter, which bears resemblance to the Lord Kelris fight in Blackfathom Deeps. This encounter involves two entities: Hazzas in the physical realm and Morphaz in the Dream realm.

Initially, players engage with Hazzas before being transported to the Dream realm to confront Morphaz. Both dragons share a collective health pool, with players dealing 100% increased damage while fighting Morphaz in the Dream realm. Depending on the strategy, one tank can handle the encounter if players avoid entering the Dream realm. However, if players opt to engage Morphaz in the Dream realm, it's advisable to employ two tanks and a minimum of four healers to ensure the group's survival.

WoW SoD - Hazzas and Morphaz Bosses Guide in Sunken Temple

Hazzas and Morphaz Abilities

Hazzas Abilities:

Hazzas Abilities

1.  Tail Swipe: A damaging ability that also knocks back players if hit.

2.  Dreamer's Lament: Damage-over-time (DoT) ability.

3.  Corrupting Breath: Frontal damaging breath ability that also applies a DoT on players hit. This DoT triggers a forced tank swap mechanic.

4.  Ignite Flames: Cast at the start of phase 2 (80% health), summons fire elemental enemies which drop fire patches on the floor.

5.  Lucid Dream: Cast at the start of both phase 2 (80% health) and phase 3 (30% health). Applies the "Lucid Dream" debuff on every player, sending them down to Morphaz's room.

Morphaz Abilities:

Morphaz Abilities

1.  Eternal Dream: DPS check mechanic which, upon finishing its cast, kills everyone with the "Lucid Dream" debuff.

Morphaz and Hazzas Strategy

Phase 1 (100%-80%):

During this phase, tanks should ensure the boss remains stationary to prevent players from being hit by either Corrupting Breath from the front or Tail Swipe from the back. Tanks should swap after being hit by Corrupting Breath twice, or thrice at most if necessary, to minimize damage and aid healers in keeping up with incoming damage. If Dreamer's Lament is cast, healers need to be prepared to outheal it.

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Phase 2 (80%-30%):

At the onset of Phase 2, Hazzas summons fire elementals with Ignite Flames. Quickly stack and eliminate these elementals while avoiding the fire patches they leave on the ground. Despite dealing with the fire elementals, players must still remain mindful of the mechanics from Phase 1.

Following the summoning of the fire elementals, Hazzas casts Lucid Dream, sending players downstairs to confront Morphaz. While Morphaz takes extra damage in this phase, the encounter becomes chaotic. To manage this, just before the end of the Lucid Dream cast, players can jump onto the fire patches left by the fire elementals, applying the Burning! debuff. This keeps players awake and allows those with the debuff to wake others by running through them. This returns everyone instantly to Hazzas's room to resume the fight.

Phase 3 (30%-0%):

At the beginning of Phase 3, Hazzas once again casts Lucid Dream, sending players to Morphaz's room where he begins casting Eternal Dream, a raid-wide wipe mechanic that targets players with the Lucid Dream debuff. Successfully meeting the damage check cancels the cast.

Throughout this phase, players must also dodge bouncing Rockfalls. Managing these mechanics effectively ensures the defeat of the bosses.

Tips on Morphaz and Hazzas

Tips for Tanks:

- Maintain the boss facing in a consistent direction to prevent players from being knocked back by the tail swipe or taking excessive damage from the frontal breath.

- Keep the Corrupting Breath debuff on tanks below 2 stacks to avoid a high risk of death.

Tips for Melee:

- Position yourselves at the side of the boss to avoid being knocked back or affected by the frontal breath.

- Preserve heavy AoE/cleave abilities with long cooldowns for dealing with the fire elementals summoned during the Ignite Flames cast at 80% health.

- Consider running into the fire patches at the start of Phase 2 to avoid being sent downstairs by the Lucid Dream cast.

Tips for Ranged:

- Like melee, position yourselves at the side of the boss to avoid knockbacks and the frontal breath.

- Save heavy AoE/cleave abilities for dealing with the fire elementals summoned during the Ignite Flames cast.

- Consider saving longer damage cooldowns for Phase 3 if the raid's DPS is lacking.

Tips for Healers:

- Be vigilant of the tanks' debuff from Corrupting Breath, especially when it reaches 2 stacks or more, as it significantly increases the risk of their death.