WoW SoD - Jammal'an and Ogom Bosses Guide in Sunken Temple


In the Sunken Temple raid, the encounter with Jammal'an the Prophet and Ogom the Wretched presents a formidable challenge. To emerge victorious, your raid group must navigate dangerous AoE Holy Novas, dispel and decurse debuffs, and withstand Ogom's fearsome melee attacks.

This encounter unfolds in two distinct phases. In Phase 1, Jammal'an incessantly heals himself, underscoring the importance of focusing your efforts on defeating Ogom first. Once Ogom falls, Jammal'an enters an empowered state, bolstering his defenses and unleashing devastating AoE damage upon your raid.

To effectively tackle this encounter, you'll require two tanks to manage each boss, along with a dedicated team of five healers to contend with the multitude of debuffs afflicting your raid members.

Ogom the Wretched and Jammal'an the Prophet Abilities

Ogom the Wretched Phase 1:

-  Agonizing Weakness: Occasionally casts a curse that reduces a player's damage done and inflicts 350 Shadow Damage every 2 seconds. Can be dispelled.

-  Feeding...: After Jammal'an the Prophet dies, Ogom the Wretched consumes his body and transforms, triggering Phase 2.

Ogom the Wretched Phase 2:

-  Consecration: Consecrates the ground for 1 minute, dealing 200 Holy Damage every second to players within.

-  Divine Storm: Pulls all players towards the caster, inflicting 750 Holy Damage to them.

-  Hammer of Justice: Stuns targets for 6 seconds.

-  Holy Strike: Strikes the target, inflicting 100% weapon damage as Holy and increasing Holy Damage taken by 50% for 30 seconds.

Jammal'an the Prophet Phase 1:

-  Punishment: Smites the current target for 400 damage. This can be interrupted.

-  Holy Nova: Casts Holy Novas on the ground, which explode over time. Players must move out of the affected area.

-  Holy Fire: Casts Holy Fire on 5 random targets. This debuff should be dispelled promptly.

-  Draining...: After Ogom the Wretched dies, Jammal'an the Prophet absorbs his soul and undergoes a transformation, initiating Phase 2.

Jammal'an the Prophet Phase 2:

-  Holy Nova: Continues casting Holy Novas on the ground.

-  Psychic Scream: Fears 5 players for a total of 6 seconds.

-  Shadow Sermon: Agony: Debuffs 10 players, causing them to take 600 damage every 2 seconds. This debuff should be dispelled promptly.

-  Mass Penitence: Deals 500 damage per second for 3 seconds to everyone in the raid.

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Jammal'an the Prophet as the second and main boss:

Main Mechanics:

- Focus on avoiding Jammal'an's Holy Nova throughout the fight and prioritize killing the boss.

- Keep the boss arena clear by loosely stacking players in an area with minimal overlap but not covering the entire room to minimize movement each time Holy Nova is recast.

Dispelling Assignments:

- Assign healers to dispel debuffs as much as possible. Damage dealers can also assist if necessary.

- Decurse: Players affected by Agonizing Weakness.

- Dispel Magic: Remove Holy Fire and Shadow Sermon: Agony. Psychic Scream and Mass Penitence only occur during the second phase after Ogom the Wretched has been defeated.

Dangerous Mechanics:

- Mass Penitence: Healers must be vigilant and prepare to heal heavy raid damage when this ability is cast.

Ogom the Wretched as the second and main boss:

Initial Phase:

- Focus on killing Jammal'an the Prophet while avoiding his Holy Novas, which should be relatively easy as he is unbuffed.

Dispelling Assignments:

- Assign healers and possibly damage dealers to dispel debuffs:

- Decurse: Players affected by Agonizing Weakness.

- Dispel Magic: Remove Holy Fire and Hammer of Justice (players who can break out of the stun themselves).

Transition to Phase 2:

- Once Jammal'an the Prophet is defeated, Ogom the Wretched will consume his corpse and transform into a Paladin-like boss, initiating Phase 2.

Phase 2:

- Tank Movement: Tank should move out predictably when Consacration is cast.

- Avoid Divine Storm by moving away from Ogom if he is in Consecration. Continue damaging the boss if in a safe position.

- Dispel Hammer of Justice, but players who can dispel must break out of the stun themselves. Use abilities like Divine Shield and dispel others who can dispel.

Tips on Jammal'an and Ogom

Tips for Tanks:

- Jammal'an the Prophet Fight: Keep the boss relatively close to ranged players to minimize downtime, despite the need for movement.

- Ogom the Wretched Fight: Promptly move the boss out of Consecration to prevent the raid from being pulled into it by Divine Storm.

Tips for Melee:

- Both Fights: Don't waste gap closers once Ogom the Wretched is defeated, as Jammal'an the Prophet will move to his corpse. Save them instead for possible late dispels of Psychic Scream.

- Dispel Assistance: Everyone capable of dispelling should do so after Jammal'an turns into a shadow priest.

Tips for Ranged:

- Jammal'an the Prophet Fight: Stay loosely stacked as a group to minimize movement while keeping the boss area mostly clear of Holy Novas. Save instant cast spells for when Holy Nova is cast on top of you.

- Dispel Assistance: Similar to melee, all capable players should assist with dispelling and decursing after Jammal'an's transformation.

Tips for Healers:

- Jammal'an the Prophet Fight: Similar to ranged players, staying loosely stacked helps minimize movement while keeping the boss area clear. Save high raid healing tools for Mass Penitence.

- Mana Management: Use mana potions and other tools wisely, as the fight can be very healing intensive. Consider using them early if it allows for their use again in the same attempt.

- Avoiding Hammers of Justice: Utilize tools like Translocate, Divine Shield, and Free Action Potion to avoid being stunned.